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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Alexia E Fraser's Memoir Experience

            My guest today is Alexia E. Fraser.  Recently she has been busy promoting her well-received memoir of her mother.

 Memories of Mom
"Memories of Mom" (M.O.M) is a poignant story about an extraordinary mother, written by a daughter who loved and cared for her during her last lap of life. This story is written from the heart, and will inspire love and affection in millions of daughters and sons who will someday be caring for their elderly parents or loved ones.


       My two guiding principles in writing my mother’s story was to write about a subject matter that I knew and writing in my own voice. I definitely knew the subject. I was very close to my mother and very observant as a child, still am, and watched my mother’s every move. I choose to keep the prose straight forward because that’s the way I speak. I didn’t want too many fancy words detracting from her story.

      The memories were basically mine which I then corroborated with siblings, uncles and aunts, and family friends. Of course they gave me their own memories, unique to them, that further developed the story and sometimes filled in the blanks. Also for some reason, I had every doctor’s visit and everything about Mom’s illness logged in daily in my yearly calendars. I realized why I did that when I started writing. Unbelievable!

      Writing about and sharing the difficult memories was therapeutic for me. I was fearful at first that purposefully recalling the memories would be too painful to bear, but that proved not to be the case. Somehow writing them down on paper gave me a great sense of release. A peace that is still with me to this day.

      My mother’s story will be of great interest to some because of the role reversal involved. Of a daughter lovingly caring for her mother as her life’s journey draws to a close. A journey most children will have to take with their aging and increasingly frail parents. Others will be appalled to read first hand of the sometimes callousness and incompetence of our health care providers. My mother suffered greatly and eventually succumbed to internal injuries caused, though not purposely, by the health care professionals charged with her care.

        A good memoir allows its readers to relate. To relate to the main character in a way that makes the story personal for them. To relate to events that we share as human beings traversing this life’s journey. Told from the vantage point of a person who was there to witness the events as they unfolded. Most of us have parents that we cherish and we shudder at the thought of losing them. It is my hope that this story will be a source of encouragement to those along the way.

      I felt this was something I had to do. I was compelled to write my story after my mom passed. I could feel my mom’s guiding hands on every page I wrote. It was just amazing!

Alexia Fraser
Author, Memories of Mom

Author’s Biography

Alexia Elizabeth Smart-Fraser was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica. After marrying her high school sweetheart Edward, she migrated to the United States. She is the proud and loving mother of two children, son Sean and daughter Paige. She now resides with her family in New York City.

Alexia Fraser studied acting at H.B. Studio.  She worked as an extra on the set of “Cosby Mysteries” with Bill Cosby, “New York Undercover” with Malik Yubo, “Central Park West” with Lauren Hutton, and the series “Prince Street” with Mariska Hargitay.

As well, Alexia Fraser has written and produced three original non-fiction one act plays both off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway. “The Ryans,” “Dope the Endeavor” and “Blind Trust.”  Her fourth play “Our God is Awesome” is not yet produced, but will be in the near future.  Alexia is the original founder and partner of her production company, Paige Unlimited, LLC (www.paigeunlimitedllc) of which she is the Creative Arts VP.

“Memories of Mom” is Alexia Fraser’s first published book.  She was driven to share her story after seeing her mom suffered unacceptable nursing home and hospital care.   Her second book is already partially scripted. “Write what you know” is what she believes.


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  1. I read this with tears in my eyes,
    My mother was very special to me as my dad died when I was three yrs.Life was a struggle for her yet I never wanted for anything especially her love.
    When I had a phone call one morning saying she'd had a stroke and wasn't expected to live I rushed to her bedside, I was with her until the end. I lost a good friend as well as a wonderful mother.


  2. Sounds like an interesting memoir. Sounds like an interesting writer.

  3. It sounds like you've written a lovely memoir. How special that you had such a close relationship with you mom!

  4. Hi Lee and Alexia .. your memoir sounds an interesting read - as we can learn so much from others' experiences. I am sure she is in a blessed place now - and as you say has guided you this far ...

    I am glad you were able to be with her on her challenging journey with her health .. my thoughts to you and your family -

    Lee - another great guest author - thank you - Hilary

  5. Very moving memoir...its so hard sometimes to write those moments we are so close to in our lives...I found you from Rachaels campaign...Barbara Amaya

  6. Dear Alexia,
    My mother died at the age of 58 of a heart attack. I was 31 at the time. My dad died seven years later at the age of 69. So I did not have the experience of watching my parents again and their needing to go into nursing homes. But many of my friends have had this experience, so I believe your book will be extremely helpful to a many, many readers.


  7. Hi Everyone!!

    Thank you so very much for your touching comments. I read them with tears in my eyes. This is emotional for me. However,I am happy to hear what you all have to say. :-)

    Thanks again!
    Alexia Fraser

  8. Arlee thank you for the opportunity to write this post for your blog.

  9. Very tender tribute to your mother! Your mother raised an intuitive and special daughter.

  10. What a beautiful memoir this must be. I can already tell that so much love went into this.

  11. Oh, that is so touching. I can feel the love. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. Thank you all!! This is so amazing...your comment warms my heart. Mom is definitely smiling :-)




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