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In April I kept my posts short and uncomplicated. In the midst of it all you might learn a few things about me that you didn't previously know.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving on the Road

Thanksgiving Day Greetings
Thanksgiving Day Greetings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
         In all the years before I became an adult I don't think I ever spent a Thanksgiving away from home.  Every year my mother would fix essentially the same delicious traditional dinner.  Over the years she may have added a new side dish, but I don't think there were any she stopped serving.  Thanksgiving was one of my favorite days of the year and other than a couple of exceptions, the table was almost always set for just my parents and us kids.  Since we were far from relatives most of my time growing up we didn't have any other family to join us.

        Then when I went on the road with a touring theatrical company in my mid-twenties, I started missing those meals that had meant so much in my early years.  During the 80's our tradition became eating at some buffet restaurant in Hendersonville, Tennessee since every year we were booked for a Thanksgiving evening show in nearby Gallatin.  

         I would take the cast members and treat them to dinner.  The food was decent and nicely priced.  And it was all-you-could-eat which was appreciated by a young troupe of low paid actors.  It wasn't my mother's Thanksgiving dinner, but at least it was a notch up from the typical road food we usually ate.

         Over the past several years I've fixed a meal very similar to the one my mother used to fix since now I live in Los Angeles and she's in East Tennessee.  In recent years their meals have been mostly potluck affairs since my mother doesn't do the big cooking events that she used to.  As our kids have moved away far across the country from us, our Thanksgiving dinners have become smaller.

        This year we won't be having a dinner at our house.  Instead we'll be traveling to visit one of our daughters who lives closest to us, though still over a thousand miles away.  Not sure what will happen for dinner, but I'm sure we'll think of something.

         It's been a while since I've had Thanksgiving away from home.   I'm looking forward to the road trip though.  There's something about a long driving trip that stimulates my mind.

         Do you have Thanksgiving at home or away?   Will you fix dinner or does someone else do it?   Have you ever had your Thanksgiving feast at a restaurant instead of someone's house?

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  1. Hi Lee - it sounds lovely that you can spend Thanksgiving with one of your daughters and her family .. enjoy the time.

    A car journey is always a good time to mull over things - I've missed mine in recent years .. but now I'm free to roam and I prefer the quietude of the car .. to the social media noise in the train!

    Cheers and have a safe journey & Happy Thanksgiving ... Hilary

  2. I would prefer to have t-giving at home with just me and Russell but everyone wants a piece of us. I really hate having to make the rounds, esp. after 20+ years of a peaceful day at home when I was out west. A couple years ago my mom took us out to eat and the meal was not good. Last year we ate at his sister's but they were heavy on the seafood even in stuffing and I'm allergic so I only picked a little and then he & I cooked for ourselves the next day. This year we're cooking but bringing the food to my mom's. How I long for the days of not having to go anywhere. Next year my birthday is on turkey day and I may just decide that I want to stay home!

  3. I love to cook, but my sister-in-law hosts our Thanksgiving dinner. I always bring along a ton of dishes even though we have plenty, and we all live on leftovers for an eternity.

  4. I do most of the cooking of all the side dishes and desserts, hubs does the turkey and helps with prep.(our Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, so done that, been there).

    We don't have a lot of family nearby, either, Lee, we have family in Georgia and Saskatchewan and upcountry in BC.
    So, we occasionally will host friends is they have no other plans. I came from a home in the south where my grandmother had huge dinners with rellies (I hated those dinners - as a kid).

    Hope it's a great Thanksgiving at your daughter's. So think up some great posts while you're driving, you have a captive audience with you.

  5. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  6. Hilary-- First day, 11 hours in our brand new van was very nice despite some rain and a bit of snow. Now very tired and ready to turn in and start another early day of driving tomorrow.

    JoJo -- Staying at home alone can certainly be more relaxing.

    Kelly -- In recent years I've tried to eliminate most of the leftovers. Too much for just my wife and I to consume.

    DG -- My wife doesn't want to hear about my blog posts. Thanksgiving was one of my favorite days when I was a kid.

    Shelly -- Same to you!


  7. For the first time ever, my husband and I will not be spending Thanksgiving with family, but instead will be in the home of new friends. I am curious to see how the experience goes.

  8. Have a safe trip and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. this year thanksgiving was on my birthday and Hanukkah which sort of underlines why it is my favorite holiday. In the past,sometimes we traveled and sometimes we didn't, but one year we went to a cousin's house for Thanksgiving, a 2.5 hour drive. That is, a 2.5 hour drive in the middle of the night when there is no traffic. Alas, it took us close to 4 hours. Going home was no picnic either. So we decided no more long distance Thanksgiving trips.


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