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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Cycle of Sickness

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       Maybe my body has been conditioned to succumb to illness every year about this time.  It's difficult to get used to, but I've come to expect a bout of illness every January.  Sorry for the pun, but I'm getting sick of it.   The two or three week set back of illness to start the year off is frustrating to say the least and probably a reminder that I'm just getting older so I'd better get used to it.  At least that's what my doctor would have me believe.  And she's probably right.

       Looking back to a post from last January, I see I was writing about the same issue.  I don't want to make a habit of writing about this same topic on an annual basis.  Pretty soon I'm going to have enough material to write a book about being sick.  That sounds depressing enough to me so I hope I can avoid that book.

        I hope you are staying well and able to keep up with life as you would like to be doing.   This year's bout of illness has been hanging on with me much longer that I remember dealing with in previous years.   I've got things to do, places to go, and people I want to see.  I've also got a lot to write about so I need to get my body vigorous and my mind in the right frame of existence.

       At least I've been catching up on sleep, but quite frankly I'm sick of sleeping.  No--let me rephrase that.  I'm sleeping because I'm sick.   I'm sick of being sick and I don't know how else to say it.  Actually I could say it in many ways.  In doing so I could become the Elizabeth Barrett Browning of sickness.  Oh, woe!  Such a sorrowful thought!  Let it never come to that.

       Are you able to write much when you don't feel well physically?    Does your body seem to have developed a cycle of sickness?     Do you ever get tired of sleeping?
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  1. Hah! The EBB of sickness! Could this be the title of yet another blog?

    Y'know, maybe a seasonal blog?

    Okay, maybe not. Hope you kick the stuff soon. No One wants to see his bed as his enemy.

  2. Aw :( Hope you feel better soon--and kick that cycle's meager little butt!

  3. I tend to get sick and develope a cough most often sometime between late December & February. Never the flu. Sinusitis, tonsilitus, or a cold. Most of it is because when the humidity and barometric pressure drop, my sinuses run like a faucet straight down my throat. And there are alergans like cedar pollen all around that bother me greatly. I had a doctor once upon a time that would give me a small shot of hydrocortazone that would drastically help this for about 3 months at a stretch. But for years I've been stuck going to a clinic that doesn't believe in doing that. Hang in there and get well and be at your best for April!

  4. Try to boost your immune system, Lee. Do you take a multi-vitamin? Eat more berries in the winter and wash hands a lot. . .

    Good luck kicking the illness. This year we got flu shots at our doctor's.

  5. I dislike being sick. It stops me from everything. I can't write wgen I'm feel icky, and if I do itss all depressing.

    I hope you feel better soon Lee.

  6. CW -- No more blogs! At least not one about sickness--I hope.

    Guilie-- So far it seems like the sickness has been winning, but I intend to keep fighting.

    Barbara -- If I'm not doing better by April then I've got some problems.

    DG -- You sound like my doctor. I do all of these things except eating the berries. And I love berries. Maybe I need to add them to my grocery list next time. I've been getting flu shots for the past several years and still get sick. I'm suspicious about them.

    Donna -- Sickness definitely puts a crimp in my lifestyle.


  7. Dear Lee, when I'm feeling ill, especially when I'm having days of imbalance and dizziness because of Meniere's Disease, I do nothing really--no writing or reading. Simply resting and sleeping and letting myself be ill. I try not to grouse at myself for being ill, and simply accept that "the sun will come up tomorrow!" and I'll be well . . . or not.

    I hope you're feeling better now. Peace.

  8. Hope you get better soon. I can't write (very well, anyway) when I'm sick, but I usually get some reading done.

  9. I've been suffering from a seasonal bug this last week or so. I've probably tried to do too much as I ended up very tired. But I did go on writing at a reduced output. Fortunately I had done a bit of writing in advance, but now I am behind again. I like to take my mind off not being well and to have something to show for the extra time spent indoors. I knit a lot when I'm under the weather.

  10. I'm generally disgustingly healthy, but when I do get sick it's usually bad, so that I spend a few days doing nothing. When I get a cold (thankfully never more than one a year, at least recently), I try to ignore it and keep on with everything.

    But if being sick means fever, dizziness, or puking, well, nothing much else is going to get done. Hope you feel way better very soon!

  11. Hi Lee,

    You reach a point where you get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    Of course, this time of the year, one can be more susceptible to illness. Most years, however, I have escaped feeling ill. As long as you look after you, gently get back to health, you should be fine, regardless of your age.

    I hope you are on the mend, Lee.

    During my bout of illness, I could barely switch on my computer. I still try to write a bit and interact. Not easy, but I monitor how I'm feeling.

    Look after yourself, my friend.


  12. Dee-- Your philosophy sums it up well.

    Kelly -- The reading can be a plus side, but lately I've not even felt up to that for prolonged periods.

    Sue -- I've been watching more TV than usual. It's a listless endeavor.

    Rebecca -- I usually kind of pride myself on my healthiness, but when I do get sick I go all out.

    Gary - Thanks. I am on the mend. Now if only my hearing and sinuses will get back to normal and my leg will stop hurting I'll be bounding about the house and getting more stuff done. I'm ready to shake this crap.


  13. Get better soon.

    Chicken soup, prayers, and hugs to you.

  14. I understand. My hubby and I keep passing the stupid cold back and forth between us and it's getting old. Hope you feel better soon.

  15. Hi Lee - after my bout of virus last year I certainly hope you feel better soon - it's better to just let the dreaded disease run its course. Certainly I did lots of sleeping and in fact as Shelly mentions craved chicken soup .. and slowly got better ..

    I hope things are easing .. look after yourself .. cheers Hilary


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