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In April I kept my posts short and uncomplicated. In the midst of it all you might learn a few things about me that you didn't previously know.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Another Journey Ends

English: Volkswagon bug RV
English: Volkswagon bug RV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

        Time for a breather.   Kick back and catch up to all that's piled up while I've been roaming the roads of America.   It's been a great time that I somewhat sadly leave behind me yet exhale a sigh of relief that I am home again.   That is, the home where all my stuff is.   The place where I pay my house payment and receive the rest of my bills.   My heart may not totally be here in the place where I live, and my mind is divided as to where I would really like my "home" to be.

        This vacation that my wife and I embarked on was 47 days away from our house.  That's by my wife's count of the days.  I wasn't counting, but her number sounds correct.  It seemed longer in a way and yet it all seemed to fly.   It's good to be back in our own home, but it was nice being gone.  

         The saying goes "All good things must come to an end" and so it goes with a vacation.  Some family members and friends have suggested that when my wife retires we should sell our house, buy an RV, and just travel all the time.  I'm not sure about the RV part.  Sure, having the portability of possessions might be nice and it could be very handy to just pull over sometimes to sleep in my own bed and use my own bathroom.  There is much to be said for having a "house on wheels".  I'm just not sure about driving a big ol' thing around.

         In my younger days I had plenty of experience living out of a van and staying in motels all the time.  I got used to that lifestyle and quite enjoyed it.   It's a good idea to have an address--a base of operations so to speak.  I always used my parents address back then.  Now that's not a viable option.   I guess I'll keep a home somewhere.  Maybe not as big of a house as we have now unless someone is living in it when we're off galavanting.

          It's all something for us to consider in the years to come.   We've still got time to decide, but my wife and I need to start thinking more seriously about the years to come.  I hope there are years--many more of them.

          This previous journey has ended, but the life journey continues.   With each ending comes a new beginning.   It's a circle of life just like in The Lion King.  We've got places to go and people to see before they and we are gone.   The kids are getting settled into their own cycles of life and the grandchildren are coming and growing.   We don't want to miss out on those grandchildren who now live across the country from us.

         I guess we'll figure it out.   One journey has ended and others wait ahead of us.

         Are you living a life in retirement yet?   What are your plans for the future?    If you were living a life of travel how would you want to do it?


  1. Hi Lee - you've had a really good trip and you could spend forever travelling around America - but home is good and necessary too ..

    Lots to think about for the future and then as you mention the grandchildren and relatives in far away places ...

    Cheers and welcome back - Hilary

  2. Russell mentioned doing the RV thing around the country which I would love to do but I couldn't do it indefinitely. I still need a home to come back to, space, my stuff, etc. But I do love to travel. Future plans though...those are in flux.

  3. I love that little camper bug in the photo!
    It is great to travel, but it's just as great to get home again after being gone for a good while. I used to do a lot more galavanting around when I was younger too...lately I haven't done enough of it and it's something I'd like to do again before my journey is over.
    You reminded me of the poem, (I know I came across as being against poetry in my post the other day, but it's not true!)...anyways, you reminded me of the poem that says 'I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.'
    You and your wife will figure it all out and I wish you both many more miles!

  4. Hi Arlee.
    My husband and I are retired here in Australia. We would love to travel a lot more than we do in our small camper, but we seem to have too many other commitments.
    When we do travel, it is usually to see our 8 children and 11 grandchildren, who all live too far away.
    When we do manage to get away for a week or two (never longer than that unfortunately, it is always good to know we have our home to come back to.

  5. Yeah, I could live out of a trunk. I move around the world so much I almost do now.

  6. Hilary -- There are a lot of wonderful places to visit in the U.S. and I've barely scratched the surface. I love being on the road.

    JoJo-- It's good to have a place to come back to and regroup for the next adventure.

    Eva-- If the money and health are okay then we'll probably do more travels like we've been doing.

    Wangi-- Your situation sounds like mine. If we want to see our kids and my family then we've got to travel to do it.

    FAE-- Living out of a trunk is not so bad especially if you've got the funds to do it comfortably.


  7. Aww, for some reason your post makes me sad. I feel your heart isn't in San Francisco (insert wherever you live) but somewhere else. I sounds like you guys had a wonderful time.

  8. Dear Lee, you've been roaming the roads for 47 days--nearly 7 weeks-- and I've been away from blogging for six weeks. So I'm glad to meet you back here. My journey into writing has left me with many questions also to ponder and consider just as you and your wife are doing now. Life is good isn't it? We have options and opportunities. Peace.

  9. a lot of people in Australia do the grey nomad thing in an RV/caravan but not sure many do it all the time. I know I would want a home base and don't think constant travel would suit me even though I'm a travel-aholic. As for retirement....it's all too hard to think about ;-)

  10. Teresa-- Thankfully I'm not in San Francisco, but it's true my heart's not so much here in L.A. The weather is some of the best you can find and there are many good aspects to be said for California, but all the bad things you hear are true as well. And none of my family is here and I miss them.

    Dee-- Life is wonderful--and I'm always hoping for the better things to come.

    Pauleen-- I too think I'd have to have some kind of home base. I want the best of both worlds.



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