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In April I kept my posts short and uncomplicated. In the midst of it all you might learn a few things about me that you didn't previously know.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Friday Night Fights (Soundtrack of my Life)

     Does anyone remember the Friday Night Fights that used to come on television in the 1960's?  Recently there was a network fight broadcast that brought back memories of the old sports series sponsored by Gillette.   There were other events besides fights, but the boxing is what stands out in my memory.  And actually I think for a while the fights on Friday nights was a regular series.  The following post recalls some of the memories stirred by the recent boxing broadcast on television.

     In this post I offer another in my Soundtrack of My Life series. Robin at Your Daily Dose has been doing the Soundtrack of my Life posts on her blog for a while now. I had done a few of my own "life soundtracks" on my Tossing It Out blog as well as the song series (starting at this post) I did for my 2014 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge on Wrote By Rote. Be sure to visit and follow Your Daily Dose for more Life Soundtrack info.   For some background music while you read the post you can listen to this Boston Pops recording of "Look Sharp, Be Sharp" which was the theme song used by Gillette.

Friday Night Fights

       Rarely in my lifetime have I taken much of an interest in sports.   Boxing has sometimes had an almost morbid draw for me--I like movies about boxing--but mostly I've tried to avoid this brutal sport.  Not so with my father.   He enjoyed viewing boxing matches.  When one came on the tube and he was watching, the energy and passion he displayed might make you think he was fighting the match himself.

         Actually I used to sometimes get scared when he was watching boxing because he'd be shouting, throwing air punches, and displaying what appeared to be anger.  But he was like this about all sports.  He was more than just a sedentary audience member--he put himself into the action with commentary and physical acts such as jumping out of his chair and pacing in a tight quick circle in the living room.   His head would shake and his jowls would flap as he roared out acclamations of encouragement or yowls of disgust.  You'd think he had some stake in the event, but he was just another armchair spectator among the millions in living rooms across the nation.

         Back then our house wasn't all that big so my mother, sister, and I couldn't help but be witness to my father's sports fan antics.   We could hear him throughout the house and if I didn't stay in the living room for the entire fight, I would at least have to peek in now and then to see what was happening.  Even though my father could be somewhat scary when he was watching sports, he was always a source of curiosity as well as an odd source of entertainment.  I wasn't as interested in the fights as much as I was my father's reactions to whatever was happening.

         From the opening strains of the Gillette theme song to the events that unfurled during an hour or two on that tiny black and white television set in our small living room, Friday Night Fights are a mainstay in my memories of childhood.  As many memories as I have of this, one might think that the fights were on every Friday night, but they weren't.  But when those fights were on, my father was there.   He loved those fights.   My guess is that he might have wished that his son loved watching those fights as much as he did, but I didn't.  However, my dad was plenty of entertainment while the fights were on.  I do remember that.

         Did you have a father or family member who was a huge sports fan?   Was there a sporting event that was always on in your home on a regular basis?     Do you tend to get highly involved when you are watching a sporting event?


  1. I wouldn't say my dad was a sports fan per se. He liked to watch golf and bowling. I liked Wide World of Sports and the winter olympics. Sometimes he'd watch football on Sundays. I only like football now and I get really into it, yelling at the TV and the refs for bad calls or no call. I'll be yelling, 'HOW IS THAT NOT PASS INTERFERENCE????' and when my team scores I will yell and fist pump and clap. My husband isn't a sports fan at all and gets a kick out of my enthusiasm. Esp. when I refer to my team as 'we'. He's like, 'What is this we? You aren't actually on the team, you know that right?' hahaha

  2. Other than the Olympics, the only sports that played on TV in a house-full of women was football - grandma's team was Dallas Cowboys. No one DARED touch the TV until the game was over and in the name of peace at the supper table, we always hoped her team would win ;-) When a game happened to be on grandma's birthday one year, my friends and I threw a Football/Birthday party for her, but when one friend happened to root for the other team, she made him sit outside. He was a good sport and playfully tossed water balloons at the glass door when his team made a touchdown! The best part was when she joined in and threw one back :-)
    I don't recall any theme songs for football, but I do remember those tantalizing four notes of Twilight Zone and the Andy Griffith whistle song.

  3. My dad always had to have a sporting event on the TV while he snoozed on the couch. He'd be sound asleep and snoring, but if my brother or I tiptoed over and attempted to change the channel, he'd wake up instantly and demand we switch back to whatever game he claimed he was watching...said he'd only been resting his eyes for a moment.

    Today, I'm a Broncos football fan, and I do not sleep through the games. My hubby and I watch and yes, we do react to touchdowns and fumbles. It's all part of the fun.


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