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For my 2016 A to Z theme I used a meme that I ran across on the blog of Bridget Straub who first saw it on the blog of Paula Acton. This meme is a natural for me to use on my memoir blog. It's an A to Z concept and it's about me. No research and nothing complicated. I'm given twenty six questions or topics to discuss that are about me.

In April I kept my posts short and uncomplicated. In the midst of it all you might learn a few things about me that you didn't previously know.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Last to Know #atozchallenge

Dan Fogelberg   "Last to Know"  (1980)

Last To Know

           My first wife loved the music of Dan Fogelberg.   He wrote some romantic songs as well as insightful songs about relationships.   I recall times of us sitting in our electric blue VW Rabbit listening to Fogelberg's "Home Free" cassette tape full blast.  We were both moving toward our individual realms of misunderstanding.  Hurtling uncontrollably toward a break-up that neither of us could do anything about.

         And yet we tried.  We negotiated.  We cried.   If tears would have been gold we would have been wealthy beyond imagination.   But materially we were poor.  Not uncomfortable or without resources, but neither of us had the advantage over the other.

        This was about the time when Dan Fogelberg released the album "Phoenix"   Some of those songs could have been written for us.  I listened to them as though they had been.

        We tried I suppose.  It's hard to remember after all of these years.  I had my idea of what marriage and a man/woman relationship was supposed to be about.  So did she.  Maybe they were the same and we just couldn't see where we merged.   I believe there was love.   I know there was.  Our love just didn't understand what the love was all about.

        The funny thing about it all is that we probably could have made it all work.  As it turned out though there were different plans in place.

          Damn love and all the crazy mixed up emotions involved with it.  If love was always practical then we wouldn't have love songs.

           Did love ever mess with your mind?     Why is it so difficult for people in love to come to agreement about silly life issues so much of the time?     Do you like Dan Fogelberg's music?  

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  1. Love ALWAYS messes with our hearts. While lust messes with our minds.

    I am positive that my ex-husband and I could have made it work if we'd tried harder and been less selfish. Putting a man and woman together, then saying now get along even though you rarely agree and your dreams are mostly different is ludicrous. Love can't be the only ingredient.

    However, if we'd stayed together, I wouldn't be the awesome person I am today. :)

    Love your choices of songs and artists.

  2. I used to adore love songs when I was a teenager. Now that my son is one, I smile when he plays one on the radio:)

  3. Looking back, it's easy to believe we could have somehow worked it out, but I think for some of us, we simply have different loves for different eras in our lives. Hopefully only a small #, especially those we marry!

    Stephanie Faris, author
    30 Days of No Gossip

  4. I LOVE the song 'Phoenix'. It's really good. I used to have that album but I can't remember if I still do and all my LPs are still boxed.

  5. Teresa -- People change and if the love doesn't evolve at the same time things can go awry.

    Jennifer -- Love songs can voice the feelings within us.

    Stephanie -- I still believe that marital love should be forever, but it doesn't seem to happen that much anymore.

    JoJo -- I still have a Fogelberg album on vinyl and a few others on cassette and CD. Don't listen to him much anymore though I still like his music.


  6. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life with us, Lee. I can identify-- having had broken relationships before. Those songs are heartrendingly beautiful.

    Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2014, My Latest post

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  7. Hi Lee - love Teresa's comment .. and love is a right pain at times .. we love, they don't, they love, we don't .. such is life - thank goodness I made the break.

    But each 'era' in our loves seems to have songs linked to it .. Chicago is a great band and I enjoy their songs ..

    Cheers Hilary

  8. Lee-

    I played Phoenix so much I wore the grooves to a nub.

    Somehow, I'd never acquired any of his stuff on CD, and when he died, it was all out of print. I was able to buy all the vinyl in dollar bins, and since I still had my turntable(s), that kept me going.

    Since then it's all come back in print and I have his complete catalog.

    But Phoenix is still my favorite.



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